Card Scanning for Healthcare

The fastest way to add insurance card scanning to your mobile or web application

Goodbye costly mistakes

Incorrect insurance details are the #1 reason for claim rejection. Don’t overload your operations team with reimbursement delays.


Faster with AI

Our machine learning algorithms help turbocharge your user onboarding and are nearly 100% accurate.


Offline Capable

We put patient privacy first - offline support means patient data never leaves their device.


Keep it Simple offers the easiest solution for collection of card details in your mobile application, website, or point of care.


Secure by Design

Images and patient details are stored encrypted using our HIPAA & SOC compliant infrastructure.


National and regional health insurers in the US market.


Unique insurance card formats and layouts being used everyday.


Accuracy in detecting and extracting relevent card elements.

Delight your users

Create a fun, frictionless sign up experience in your app.

Healthcare is messy

We decipher it all: live video, photographs, bad photocopies, and noisy faxes.

Improve conversion

Collect the card details you need in less than a second.

Customizable UI

Our mobile SDK is easily adapted to your application and brand style.

iphone SE device

Getting paid is now the easy part simplifies the error prone onboarding process to help you get reimbursed